An In-STEP Jaguar


           Since the institutionalization of the PAF Core Values by no less than the Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, LTGEN OSCAR H RABENA AFP, the 17th Attack Squadron has been consciously living up to and incorporating in all of its activities, the tenets of Integrity, Service above Self, Teamwork, Excellence and Professionalism.  We make it a point that integrated in the accomplishment of our responsibility to provide air support to our ground troops, we seek to further reinforce our moral foundations based on being an InSTEP airman.


           INTEGRITY.  Adherence to a strict moral code of honesty, decency, moral-uprightness, and incorruptibility is the heart of being a person with Integrity.  Even with or without the scrutinizing eyes of the public into the military organization, the Jaguars maintain a culture of honesty and transparency in all its activities, especially those which involve the use of government resources.  Careful planning and programming of all our projects do away with the need to derive funding from other sources, which is the basic cause of malpractices in our institution.


           SERVICE.  This calls on us to forego pleasure, but to seek first to do our duty for God, country, and people.  But we, the Jaguars, think that this should not always be the case.  We do not forego, but SEEK pleasure in serving the Filipino people.  As a result, service does not seem to be obligatory to us.  Though we are separated from our families during deployment, we make it a point that separation strengthens our bond to our families.  We find time to pause for a while and enjoy the company of our fellow Jaguars thru meaningful recreational activities.


           TEAMWORK.  We are one of the tactical squadrons of the 15th Strike Wing, which is a part of team Air Force and part of team AFP.  And as part of a larger team, we make sure that the responsibility that was placed on our shoulders is carried out in order to ensure the successful accomplishment of team AFP’s mission.  In this kind of set-up, teamwork between members of the squadron becomes essential.  Sports Development Clinics and Team Building Activities among others are being conducted to foster teamwork within the squadron, discovering and utilizing the strengths and weaknesses of individuals to further the squadron's mission.


           EXCELLENCE.  It has been the tradition of the 15th Strike Wing to strive for excellence in all of its endeavors.  And it is in this tradition that the Jaguars have been brought up as a tactical squadron.  Proficiency flights for the pilots and refresher training for each area of specialization for the maintenance crew are conducted to maintain the highest level of efficiency for every aircrew.  Special training and seminars, ranging from the cultivation of strict moral values to the management of personal concerns such as financial management, are organized to mould our personnel in an encompassing and holistic approach.


           PROFESSIONALISM.  It is said to be our ability to single-mindedly and decisively execute both the letter and the spirit of the PAF's mandated mission, function and tasks.  To achieve this, all members of the Jaguars family should have each and everyone's vector pointed at only one direction for maximum impact to be felt not only by the recipients of our service, but should also be felt by the service-givers... US.  And to do that, everyone should have a clear picture of what and why we are doing our activities as a squadron. Pre- and post-activity briefings are done to attain this kind of understanding, resulting to a more focused and meaningful conduct of the squadron's mission, functions and tasks.


           Keeping InSTEP is not hard, as long as everyone fully understands and deeply internalizes its tenets.  That is why we, the Jaguars, give emphasis on making each member of our family grasp the real meaning of being an InSTEP Jaguar.




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