Testimonial Visit of MGEN AMANO and BGEN CORDURA

Last 12 February 2020, MGEN FLORANTE M AMANO AFP and BGEN ARTHUR M CORDURA AFP had a testimonial visit at 15th Strike Wing. The event started with rendering of arrival honors to the Honorees at Nosedock Ramp Area and followed by Wreath laying ceremony to the fallen trojans. Aside from MGEN AMANO and BGEN CORDURA, the Wing also honored COMMO ALLEN T TORIBIO PCG, COMMO OSCAR C ENDONA PCG, and COMMO DANILO G FUENTES JR AFP. After arrival honor a 15SW Guestbook signing at 16th attack squadron was conducted. Followed by hanging of photos on wall of fame at18th Attack Squadron Building by former Falcons namely MGEN AMANO, BGEN CORDURA and BGEN BUCA. Talk to Men was also held at Multi-Purpose Gymnasium which was immediately followed by simple boodle fight. Subsequently, a fun golf was held at Sherwood Hills Golf Course.


The newly promoted Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, MGEN ALLEN T PAREDES AFP, had his first field visit at 15th Strike Wing, Sangley Point, Cavite City on 07 February 2020. Arrival Honors was accorded to the 37th CG, PAF headed by the Wing Commander, 15th Strike Wing, BGEN ARAUS ROBERT F MUSICO AFP as military host. After which, Wreath Laying Ceremony was rendered at the Heroes Monument. He was warmly welcomed by the officers, men and women, and civilian human resource of 15SW. MGEN PAREDES also had talk to men. Some lucky personnel had a chance to take a selfie with the CG,PAF.

Testimonial Review in Honor of WC 15SW BGEN ARAUS ROBERT F MUSICO AFP

The 15th Strike Wing held a testimonial parade-in-review in honor of it’s newly promoted Wing Commander , BGEN ARAUS ROBERT F MUSICO AFP last 27 January 2020. The event started with the Arrival Honor at Nose Dock followed by Wreath Laying Ceremony, Posting at Wall of Fame Ceremony at 16th Attack Squadron & 17th Attack Squadron. A Testimonial Review for the Wing Commander was also conducted at Four Bay Hangar with the Director for Operations COL RICHARD S RAMOS PAF (GSC) as the Troop Commander. The event ended with a Boodle Fight . BGEN MUSICO’s father and sister was present in the said event.

New Year’s Call

The 15th Strike Wing spearheaded by the Wing Commander, COL ARAUS ROBERT F MUSICO PAF (GSC) held the annual gathering of all Officers and Senior Leaders of Enlisted Personnel to jump-start the year ahead known as the New Year’s Call on 10 January 2020 at Josephine Water Camp Resort, Kawit Cavite


As one of the Pre-Christmas activities for 2019, the Philippine Air Force held the PAF Nite 2019 dubbed as “Festivales” at the PAF Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City on December 11, 2019.

The crowd was filled with excitement as the winners for the main competition were announced.

4th Runner-up – Masskara Festival (BAB)

3rd Runner-up – Dinagyang Festival (MDAAB)

2nd Runner-up – Pintados Festival (FAB)

!st Runner-up – Tinalak Festival (BGBNEAB)

Champion- Sinukwan Festival (Wallace Air Station)

“Balik-Sangley 2019”

Today, 06 December 2019, the 15th Strike Wing hosted a homecoming event dubbed as “Balik-Sangley 2019” at the Main Ramp of 460th Aircraft Maintenance Group Hangar in Major Danilo Atienza Air Base, Sangley Point, Cavite City spearheaded by the Wing Commander COL ARAUS ROBERT F MUSICO PAF (GSC).

The Wing invited LTGEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP (RET) as the Guest of Honor. LTGEN DELGADO was the 26th Wing Commander of 15th Strike Wing and the 33rd Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force. Former/Senior Trojans were also present in the said event together with their dependents.

Balik-Sangley 2019

The 15th Strike Wing is hosting a traditional homecoming event called Balik-Sangley on 06 December 2019 at the Maintenance Ramp of 460th Aircraft Maintenance Group in Major Danilo Atienza Air Base. The event is an occasion for former Trojans to renew friendships, reminisce the past, and retell war stories in fellowship with present Trojans.